Competitive Line Rentals and Call Rates
Broadband and Data Services
without the hassle of dealing with large corporates

Frustrated user trying to use a telephone

Have you ever been frustrated with a Telecoms Provider?

Our aim is to take the pain and difficulty out of ordering new lines and services. Complemented by follow up support in diagnosing and reporting existing line faults with our managed Landline Services.

We will not automatically ask you to accept the charges in advance for a BT OpenReach engineers visit.

Instead we have our own locally based engineers who can attend site to prove if the fault is either with the line (network) or with internal wiring / connections or telephone system.

(Charges may apply but they will be considerably less then BT OpenReach!)

Happy user plugging ethernet cable into router

Broadband and data services from a local company

Data and reliable internet connections are becoming more important than ever for the productivity of your business - especially when telephone and data services are now a convergent technology.

We can connect your business to the internet with standard broadband, or where your connections are business critical we can install more robust business services such as EoFTTC and Leased Line connections. 

All provided with a traditional face to face service for both setup and ongoing support.

Your Local Telephone Company

Offering competitive landline rental, call packages - broadband and data connections.
What truly sets us apart is our local face-to-face service and personal support.

To us you are a customer not just a number or an IP address.

So why not give as call 01278 228 228? After all that's what phones are for!


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