Providing a complete service
supplying, installing and maintaining
Closed Circuit Television Cameras

CCTV in business

Monitor theft, confirm incidents and protect your workforce.

These days, more and more property is protected by CCTV systems. For general surveillance, alerts and security, we can provide the right solution for you. 

CCTV is no different to any other network based product. All the cameras we use are powered and controlled using CAT5e Or CAT6 cable - the same as your telephone and computer networks. 

We provide Lilin cameras and NVRs, a leading UK brand for over 30 years. Live video can be viewed and played back via iPhone, Android or computer monitor to allow access 24/7.

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Not just for big businesses with huge premises.

CCTV is a crucial component to modern businesses that offers a tonne of real-time benefits.

From acting as a deterrent to crime before it's even happened, to monitoring events and storing the information so you can see exactly what happened, having a reliable CCTV camera system and high-quality footage is incredibly important.

Most importantly, making your staff feel safe and secure is our top priority when tailoring your CCTV solution. 

Ensuring your CCTV solution is right for you.

Established in 1999, we know how to handle the telephony and CCTV needs of your business. No nonsense, hard sells or unnecessary extras - our solutions are tailored to you, every time.

Call us on 01278 228 228 to see how we can help you.


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