Team (busy lamp) key

Change the Name of a Team Key 

Store a team partner under a key - team key

Together with other members, you wish to organise yourself into a team so that you can always be reached as a team and to ensure mutual substitution.

You can configure a configurable key as a team key and then assign it to a team partner. One team key is configured for each team member, allowing you:

  • To call one another with a single keystroke
  • To answer an incoming call for another team member with a single keystroke
  • To select whether the flashing team key should be complemented by a ringing tone whenever a team partner is called, you can configure a ringing delay for the ringing tone. 
  • To choose between answering directly using automatic hands-free operation, picking up the handset and pressing the team key. 

The following audio settings are possible: ringing, melody, speed, answer. 

Please see PDF for instructions.


A team key can only be allocated to a configurable key.

Office 5361 (single-line display) Team keys are only available in AASTRA 400 and not older IntelliGate systems. 

Please refer to your system administrator for more detail.

Change the button used to call a colleague on another extension.

Office 5370
Office 5361 (400 only)
Extended Key-pad

Dated 2014 v1c

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