Telephony - FAQ

Night voice mail not working
Personal voice mail not working
If callers are unable to leave a messages in voice mail first check that there is a tick against at least one greeting. Please see PDF.

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If there is a tick it maybe the voice is full. Liaise with your system administrator so they can check and delete old  messages.

Can't dial out
PBX overload message
This normally means there are no free channels (lines) available to dial out on.
This could be all channels are engaged or there is an ISDN fault.

Liaise with the system administrator to check ISDN line(s) as per PDF

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Network overload message
This normally means there is a problem with the network.

Liaise with the system administrator before trying the following.

Force a call over BT network 9 1280 [telephone number]
Try a different route out of the system
e.g. 171 (no 9) [telephone number]

Clear a red light
For group (day) voice mail box
Very occasionally a red light may remain on indicating a new message for a group (day) voice mail box, even though the messages have been cleared.

This PDF will show the procedure to clear the light on each phone with the corresponding message indication.

It can also be used to clear other activities.

Dated 2014  v1c

pdf-colour.png (pdf-colour.png)

The phones ring once then stop
Check if Auto Hands-free is enabled
This is normally associated with people using headsets in the ring group as it can accidentally be enabled when a user turns on or off headset working.

Please check all phones in the ring group.

Dated 2014 v1c

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