Awful Broadband?

Due to the demand for mobile connectivity 4G mobile networks are becoming more reliable and wider spread. We have recently installed 4G routers in rural locations where broadband speeds are slow and fibre is not available. Gone are the days of USB dongles and mobile hotspots with excessive data costs. With the 4G networks becoming more competitive, from £9.50 you can connect your business to the internet from far and wide. Different packages are available and unlimited data competes with hard-wired landline connections. 4G routers are available with any mobile network so there is a wide range of connectivity nationwide. We can also manage your tariff from our office for flexibility of usage.

How does it work?

Just like a standard router, it needs power but instead of using a filter in a socket, 4G routers have a slot for a SIM card like a mobile phone. As standard, 4G routers come with small aerials that screw into the back to receive the 4G signal. However, for a stronger connection, an external aerial can be fitted. The router transmits WIFI and can be patched into a switch to serve multiple devices.

Do you need to stay connected?

Has your internet ever gone down? Did this cost you money? Having a 4G router as a backup can save you time, money and worry. It’s not uncommon for broadband or fibre connections to get cut off or interrupted. Even if it’s only temporarily, that’s still an inconvenience. 4G routers can be used as a backup system which runs from a completely separate source. There are dual routers on the market which connect via a wired connection and have a slot for a SIM card so will automatically switch over in the event of a disconnection. You could even use a 4G router for monitoring purposes where a wired installation is not necessary.

Illustration of a router

Posted on February 6th 2020

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