Bristol Dental Practice Case Study

Bristol Dental Practice building

Using all the Avalon Services: Telephony, Wi-Fi, Cabling and CCTV

The Bristol Dental Practice is a well-established dental practice, based in the heart of Bristol city centre. Avalon Telecom installed the original telephone system at this site nearly 15 years ago and we were asked to advise them about a new system upgrade. Recently under new ownership, The Bristol Dental Practice now has a young, enthusiastic owner at the helm. He has ambitious expansion plans for the practice which will ultimately involve multiple sites and an increase in staff.

A Hosted solution

After much discussion, we agreed that their best option was a hosted solution. Part of the solution was to install a Call Centre with an interactive wall board, showing “live” call statistics such as the number of calls waiting, time to answer and call durations. This option works perfectly for the practice as it is and will grow with the company as they expand. The existing data cabling serves the hosted extensions in the surgeries and reception, all linked together with our cloud-based server.

Network configuration installation

Obviously, 15 years ago when the building was renovated into a stylish dental practice there wasn’t the demand for so much data. Avalon Telecom had to install new desk positions in the only spare space in the building. Typically, this was on the top floor of a five story, previously residential, listed building. Out of hours, we installed two CAT6 links and a fibre link from the downstairs cabinet to a new cabinet on the top floor.

This cabinet now serves the new upstairs office,new call centre and additional Wi-Fi access points on every level.

For security, the Wi-Fi access points were then configured to have two separate networks, one for staff and one for patients.

CCTV footage

The Bristol Dental Practice were so happy with our work they later asked us to install a security CCTV system. This was made possible with the previous cabling, along with a few additional points allowing the new cameras to be installed in all the common areas, stairwells and reception. The cameras were installed on the same network, using the fibre links between the two cabinets. The cameras can be viewed on desktop computers onsite and via an app on the managers mobile devices.

Finally, we also installed a new SIP door entry system with an integrated camera. This is setup as a hosted extension and programmed to call a group of phones. The image from the camera can be viewed on the PC’s via a web browser.

Posted on December 18th 2019

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