Dene court Case study

Dene Court residential care home

A cablers worst nightmare!!!

As technology moves forward so do we and the residents in care homes are fully aware of the power of the internet. More and more care homes are installing WIFI systems for residents to be able to keep in touch with the outside world. The carers also use mobile devices such as tablets to keep notes and send important information instantly via WIFI for the welfare of the residents.

Dene court is a residential care home based near the centre of Exeter. We had previously installed a wifi system in one of their other care homes in Taunton. Generally care homes are a challenge to cable as they can be old buildings with many added extensions and unique features. Not forgetting the respect for the residents themselves. This is why we try to keep cables hidden and take plenty of time to choose the right route so as not to ruin the feel of a peaceful home.

Broken telephone cables inside a wall

The job

With years of add-ons Dene Courts cabling was a mess which is why Ben decided it was time to do something about it. He had the mindfulness to think forward and although he only needed the WIFI system to go live he thought it would be a good idea to install extra cables for cameras, desk positions and telephones. As predicted Dene Court had its fair share of challenges including hidden cables for their old nurse call system.

Whilst making a route through the main house we drilled straight through some undocumented and completely hidden cables that served the nurse call system for 6 of the bedrooms. There was no way of knowing these historical cables were buried deep inside the wall, however after assessing the damage our engineer was able to use their experience to join the cable and re-connect the nurse call system. 

Inspection box fitted to a wall

As you can see from the photos after we dug out the problem area we found we were lucky not to hit anything else. After fixing this unexpected problem we fitted an inspection box to safeguard against any future faults with the system.

It’s a rare and unfortunate thing to hit any sort of services in a wall but it does happen. At Avalon Telecom we take every precaution possible to reduce the risk of this but knowing what to do next is an important aspect of the cabling trade.

The Avalon guys did an incredible job at Dene Court. As a bit of a perfectionist myself I gained instant trust and comfort in knowing Avalon were on the same level of detail as me. Their engineers were always polite and friendly with the residents. Even though things didn’t always go to plan they showed great initiative to solve any problems they occurred. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and I would strongly recommend Avalon Telecom for any cabling in the future.

Posted on January 8th 2020

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