Engineers with Vision

Just a fancy marketing slogan, or does it actually mean something?

Avalon Telecom & Technologies Ltd (aka ATT) were established in 1999 by telephone engineers who have always believed in a number of core principles for business; honesty, integrity and with profits being earned and not just sold.

So how do we achieve this? Quite simply really, we do NOT employ commission-based sales personnel, nor do we engage large scale tele-marketing campaigns, especially those based around scaremongering for the sake of a quick sale! e.g. on the death of ISDN!  (Read our next blog for more information about this)

The person you contact at ATT for either telephone systems or business mobiles solutions takes charge of the whole process from start to finish. Basically, one personal point of contact. That means no sales force that passes you from department to department once they have signed you up! Even with mobile accounts you should never have to endure dealing with the networks directly, that pain is taken away from you!

When it comes to telephone systems whether a PBX or cloud-based hosted VoIP then the dealing sales engineer also liaises with you (initial questions and answers) a week or so before installing the system. During both processes you are asked about your business and what functions you would like the telephones to deliver. With our extensive working knowledge, we can guide and suggest what technical features best help you achieve this.

In short, we listen to what you say and do not just sell to you a solution that makes us the most profit. You can be assured we do not hide or force products, features, associated licencing that you do not genuinely need, nor do we expect you to sign long term contacts. Our moto is ‘if you are not happy with our service your free to go’; not like many of competitors who do seem to like 5- and 7-year deals that are difficult to get out of!

Of course, holidays and unexpected time off work are a reality; in this case, we all pull together as a team. So should your main point of contact be unavailable you can be assured of good continuity in service.

So, remember, an ‘Engineer with Vision, not a Salesperson on Commission’

Royalty Free Photo: jason-strull-238671-unsplash

Posted on March 4th 2019

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