Moving office?

Large open office space with packed boxes

What do you need to consider?

Preparing your new office is most important for a seamless office move. Ideally you need an office layout and floor plan. Think about all your devices that need a phone or internet connection, Phones, computers, Fax, Printers, franking machine, WIFI access points, card machine, cameras etc. Have a realistic timeline for your move and although diverts can be put on be prepared for some down time whilst you physically move your equipment.

Is there enough cabling at the new place?

Each one of your devices need a data or telephone socket. You will need to organise the cabling to be done in advance of moving. Don’t forget power! You will also need to organise an electrician for any power sockets where needed. If there is cabling, does it work? And is it in the right positions? It’s not a bad idea to get any current cabling tested and re labelled if needed.

Do you have any telephone or internet at the new premises?

It takes 10 working days from the day you order for open reach to install lines into a new premises. Before that you need to know what sort of lines are available in that new address. You might be able to get a better connection than what you currently have. If you are staying in the same building your lines can be moved so there is no need to order new ones.

Are you still in contract?

Having an office re shuffle can be a good time to re-evaluate your current contracts for telephone and internet lines. It could save you money to switch provider. As with all technology it gets old and doesn’t like being moved about. Is this a good time to upgrade your current system? Especially with the migration of ISDN to VOIP by 2025.

Posted on January 22nd 2020

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