Southwest Digital Systems Case Study

Engineer performing maintenance on a printer

Southwest Digital Systems (SDS) are a photocopier, printer and scanner supply and service company who look after clients across the Somerset & Devon area. Trading since 2002 they’ve built a reputation for an outstanding level of service and support.

SDS approached us when their engineers started to hit regular issues with mobile phone coverage. There’s nothing that slows down an on-site engineer quite as much as not being able to communicate easily and effectively with the rest of their team! When SDS tried to deal with their connectivity issues initially they found their existing supplier unresponsive, and – in a story we hear all too often – they found it was virtually impossible to get through to a real human being for the support and assistance they needed.

When we asked SDS why they chose Avalon, then told us “Avalon took time to listen to our issues and came up with a solution, rather than just trying to sell us something”. That’s music to our ears. It’s what we excel at. Providing solutions for technology and telecoms.

“You are a totally customer-focused company, a rarity in today's business world. Through your expert assistance in handling our mobile contract, it really was an obvious decision to with Avalon when we looked to replace our phone system in the office. Great and responsive customer service and always offering sensible advice, a great company to partner with.” – Southwest Digital Systems (SDS)

So, what was the solution we provided? We replaced their ageing Panasonic Telephone system with a MITEL MiVoice 430 Telephone System.

This new system allowed SDS to take advantage of Direct Dial In (DDI) numbering. So now off-site workers, sales, personal and service engineers don’t have to give their mobile numbers out to customers - instead customers can now call their office DDI number and be connected to the most appropriate mobile number.

And when the engineers weren’t available? Well, one of the issues we identified when looking at the problems SDS’s remote workers were facing was the lack of flexibility with voicemail. The MITEL system allowed them to take advantage of far more efficient and configurable Voicemail (individual, department and out of hours) as well as providing “voicemail to email” notification with the message attached as a WAV file. That flexibility was exactly the solution SDS were hoping for.

And the best part? This newer and more feature-rich system was actually far easier to access and use than the one we replaced.

One of the significant factors for a company as busy as SDS was to ensure there was absolutely no loss of service during working hours – their commercial printer support line provides a business-critical service for many of their customers.

To that end we liaised with SDS ahead of the switchover and prebuilt the system and tested the system onsite before swapping over out of hours, saving of customer disruption. We then returned the next day for customer training and handover, and have been ensuring that SDS are happy and well looked-after ever since.

Posted on November 12th 2019

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