The TRUTH about BT’s ISDN Switch Off

Considering a lot of scaremongering sales tactics employed by certain ‘target driven’ telecoms companies, we feel it necessary to inform you of the truth about BT’s ISDN ‘BIG’ Switch Off (at least as we understand it).

OpenReach have announced that they will be transferring their networks from analogue and digital to IP networks, hence the term ‘voltage off’. They anticipate they will be “ALL IP” by 2025

OpenReach have stated that it will not be possible to maintain and support the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which includes ISDN Lines (mainly used by businesses) and analogue PSTN lines (that most people have at home) beyond the 2025 date.

As we understand it ISDN will be not be sold as a new product after an OpenReach feasibility review in 2023! We then believe OpenReach are proposing a notification period once they have ceased selling ISDN as a new product of 2 years to 5 years (depending on what your read or hear). This will allow business’s with ISDN to make the move to IP. Not forgetting there are still many businesses in rural areas without a good quality or reliable broadband connection!

Is the move from ISDN to IP, VoIP (aka, hosted, cloud telephony) the cheap, easy, seamless and direct replacement as the person on the phone who has cold called you, to say your lines will soon be ceased says it is?

Well in theory yes, but, there’s always a ‘but’; there are several ways you can make the change to IP. Main one being, you do not necessarily have to buy a new telephone phone system! Always check first with your current system supplier / maintainer if your existing system can be upgraded to SIP trunks “internet lines”.

However, if you are thinking of changing your current telephone system, then as an established telephone company of 20 years this is something we can discuss and explain your options in simple layman’s terms, helping and enabling to make informed decisions about your telephony, without the pressure of being sold to.

Remember, an ‘Engineer with Vision, not a Salesperson on Commission’

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

Posted on April 10th 2019

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