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Mitel MiVoice 400 - It's More Than Just a Box

Avalon Telecom supply, install and maintain MITEL MiVoice 400 PBX Telephone Systems for businesses in and around the South West.
Originally known as the AASTRA Inteligate, the MiVoice 400 is now the the ideal communications platform for medium sized and larger businesses across all sectors.

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Avalon Telecom have been established since 1999
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The Basics - IP telephone handsets for businesses

Mitel 6930 Optimum IP Handset

The Mitel MiVoice 6930 is a flexible IP Phone with a large LCD display, for users who need a phone that can be tailored to their specific business needs.

Mitel 6920 Entry Level Handset

The Mitel Mivoice 6920 is a flexible IP phone with a modern design and high quality communications. Ideal for business use.

Mitel 6940 Executive IP Handset

The Mitel MiVoice 6940 is an advanced IP Phone designed for executives who demand an exceptional device to meet their demanding business telephony needs.

Mitel M695  Extension Module

Provides an expanded directory with unlimited alphanumeric lookup with sort by first or last names. The redial/history key provides unlimited filter by first/last names and alphanumeric lookup.

The Basics - digital telephone handsets business

Office 5370 Optimum Handset

12 Fully Programmable Function keys with Full Hands-Free speech and electronic switch hook for cordless headset. Featuring Multi-line LCD display for easy access to system features.

Office 5361 Entry Level Handset

10 Programmable Buttons (limited functionality compared to 5370). Entry level handset has On-Hook dialing only. Single Line LCD display for access to system features.

Office 5380 I M535 Operator

45 Fully Programmable Function keys via optional M535 extended key-pad. Full Hands-Free speech with electronic switch hook for cordless headset. Large multi-line backlit LCD display for easy access to system features.

Office 600d DECT

Integrated digital cordless handsets. All have colour TFT screens for easy access to system features. Optimum Handset 622d, Entry Level 620d, and ruggedised 630d.

Common Supplementary Features

Voice Mail

  • Standard Voice Mail (SVM) is included 'out of the box', providing 2 channels of voice mail with 20 minutes recording time.
  • Enterprise Voice Mail (EVM) is a cost option
    providing additional features and increased recording time.

Auto Attendant (AA)

  • Enables the caller to route their call to the required department
    e.g. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service or 3 for Accounts etc.
  • Separate licence based on number of concurrent calIs to be processed.

Voice Mail to Email Notification (EVM)

  • Enables the user to be sent a notification of new Voice Mail.
  • This can either be just the notification or notification with message (WAV).

Call Queuing

  • Will inform the caller of their position in the queue in real time.
  • Courtesy announcements can be recorded and played whilst queuing - e.g. "Thank you for calling, please hold" or "You are number 2 in the Queue".

Call Recording (EVM)

  • Enables the user to record their current conversation via the press of a button.
  • Recorded calls are sent as an email (long calls are split into 5 minute segments).

Easy System Administration via Web Browser

  • System Abbreviated Dialling Management.
  • Desk-phone configuration including telephone label printing.
  • Ring groups and username changes.

Enhanced Options

Open Interface Platform (OIP)

  • A Centrally based PC/Server running MITEL OIP software platform enabling the integration of IT and telephony solutions as shown below.

Office Suite Software

  • Providing an integrated software application for your desk-phone - e.g. Configuration and 'Busy Lamp' indication of who's on the phone.
  • Dial via screen-based icon interface and seamlessly connect to desk-phone.

CTI Software

  • Dial contacts directly from TAPI compatible software e.g. MS Outlook.
  • Highlight and dial compatible screen based telephone numbers - e.g. from web browser or word document.

MITEL MiOffice

  • Providing an integrated one number solution.
  • Use one DDI number for both mobile device and office phone.
  • Customers need not see or know users mobile telephone number.


Digital ISDN Lines

  • Providing reliable and clear communication.
  • Direct Dial In (DDI) numbering for individuals or departments.
  • External Call Transferring I Multi party conferencing.
  • Customer Controlled Call Forwarding e.g. to mobile phone.

Voice over IP via SIP Trunks

  • Connectivity of MITEL IP handsets and Softphones.
  • Out of area numbers delivered via SIP numbering.

Remote Workers

  • Connectivity of MITEL IP handsets and Softphones.
  • Connectivity of compatible mobile devices via MITEL APPS.

Multi-site Telephony

  • Internal Numbering (PISN) providing each site with individual extension range.
  • Call and transfer directly between sites by dialling extension number only.
  • PISN calls are treated as internal calls as if in the same office.

We are confident we can supply the right system for your business.

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We aim to provide the most appropriate solution.

So why not give as call 01278 228 228? After all, that's what phones are for!

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Business Telephone Systems from an Accredited 'MITEL Partner'

With MITEL MiVoice 400 we are confident we can provide a cost effective, easy to use and future-proof communications platform for your business.

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